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Workshops on Wednesdays: a Leeds for Life opportunity

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The confirmed set of Semester 2 workshops run by the Counselling Service are available to all of our PGR students – all PGRs are welcome.  These workshops will all take place at Skills@library, in the Laidlaw Library. Please see the below timetable for further details:


The Wellbeing Workout [Liz Oxley]

Research has shown that there are five major contributing factors which affect our overall wellbeing. This workshop will identify these factors and invite you to explore how much you are currently investing in your own wellbeing.



Dr Who -Winter Boost [Madeleine Robinson/Counselling Staff]

The first of two workshops aimed particularly at PGR students. If you are a PGR this workshop offers the opportunity to explore, with peers, the highs and lows of being a research student. It also looks at the impact of individual learning styles and motivation on progress. If you simply want the opportunity to meet other PGR students this workshop is for you.



Social Anxiety [Barbara Lawton]

Do you tend to dread or avoid social situations? Do you assume that others will think negatively of you and that you will embarrass or humiliate yourself? This workshop helps you explore the causes of shyness and social anxiety and looks at ways you can help yourself overcome it to enjoy your university experience more fully.



Get a Good Night’s Sleep [Desmond Reid]

This workshop is for people wishing to manage sleep problems more effectively. In this practical workshop you will learn techniques for getting more – and more refreshing – sleep and for breaking vicious cycles where insomnia feeds stress, which in turn blocks sleep.



Challenging Procrastination [Barbara Lawton]

This practical workshop aims to help you understand why you procrastinate and work out ways to get on with what you keep putting off!



The Interview Mind- Set [Madeleine Robinson]

The first step to getting the things you want is to believe you deserve them. The view we have of ourselves profoundly affects how we present ourselves to the world. This workshop will explore strategies for mental and emotional preparation to manage interview stress and make an impression.

Dr Who – Spring Boost [Madeleine Robinson/ Counselling Staff]

Doing a PHD is hard work. This workshop is for PGR students to reflect upon progress and explore both helping and hindering factors. The workshop will focus upon finding creative solutions to achieve a good academic work /personal life balance and help you feel more encouraged and confident.



Managing Exam Stress [Nigel Humphrys]

An essential guide to surviving the exam period! Discover how to recognise signs of stress and find ways of effectively managing it. Develop strategies on how to maximise your performance and manage anxiety.


To book a place on any of these workshops, please sign up online http://students.leeds.ac.uk/groupsandworkshops or email stucouns@adm.leeds.ac.uk for further information.

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