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The Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications hosts Postgraduate Researchers involved in a range multidisciplinary research areas across five schools; Design, Fine Art History of Art & Cultural Studies, Media and Communication, Music, and Performance and Cultural Industries.

Leeds has a vibrant research environment, which attracts researchers from all over the world. It is a great place for postgraduate research, current areas of research which span across the faculty include: digital humanities (especially in the fields of social media and archives); heritage and accessing the past; digital performance (across theatre, music and a range of live art contexts); citizenship and communication; critical humanities; cultural co-creation and user-centred design processes; medical humanities and critical cultural policy studies. These are underpinned by a broad, deep and rich portfolio of individual and group research interests.

If you are a prospective Postgraduate Researcher this site will direct you to application and scholarship information, staff and student research specialisms, and other information about life in the Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications. For current Postgraduate Researchers this site provides information to help you navigate postgraduate research study, with links to Faculty and University policy and procedure, and training and development opportunities which have been tailored specially to meet the needs of the Faculty’s Postgraduate Researchers.

The Faculty Graduate School has a number of important functions:

The Graduate School is here to ensure that you have the best possible experience whilst applying to and studying within the Faculty, and we aim to offer continued support and guidance in all areas such as applying, registering, induction, training, progress and examination. The website provides all the information you will need throughout your journey as a Postgraduate Researcher, and our dedicated Graduate School team are also hear to support you.

The Equality and Inclusion Framework ‘Everyone Included – Everyone Involved’ 

At Leeds we passionately believe in delivering an inclusive experience for students. Equality of opportunity, fairness and inclusion are the foundation of our global community at our University, and a vital enabler that will help us realise our University strategy. The Graduate School is committed to ensuring that the framework is at the heart of everything that we do. More information can be found on the Equality Service website.

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