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Transfer Requirements

Requirements prior to the transfer stage

  • Students should be meeting regularly with their supervisors for formal supervisions, these should be recorded on the PDR under the Monthly Reports section. During the first formal supervision the training plan should be agreed and be uploaded to the PDR under the Uploaded Files section.
  • Year 1- 6 monthly Report should be completed at 6 months and uploaded to the PDR, the meeting should be recorded under the Monthly Reports section, and the report should be uploaded under Uploaded Files section.

The stages of transfer on the PDR Transfer section

  1. Transfer Panel Recorded – PGR Administrator will record
  2. Transfer Report and AISDE documents uploaded (please note the transfer report is a piece of writing the student has produced) – Student uploads
  3. Transfer takes place
  4. Progress Report: Transfer Stage – Student and Supervisor complete this prior to the transfer – PGR Administrator, or the student/supervisor uploads – varies depending on school
  5. Joint Report of the Assessment Transfer Panel – completed by transfer assessment panel – PGR Administrator uploads this
  6. PGR Administrator confirms the recommendation to PGRO
  7. Outcome on Banner
  8. Complete
  • All forms are available on the SES website for download: PGR Forms
  • The student can view the completed Joint Report of the Transfer Assessment Panel once it has been completed, signed and uploaded to the PDR
  • In a deferral case there is now an updated version of the Joint Report of the Assessment Transfer Panel which has a comment box, so that the same form can be submitted listing the amendments that the student has made, this also includes another set of decision boxes to record the outcome. Where there has been an adverse decision a new form must be submitted. These must be uploaded under the Uploaded Files section and the PGR Administrator will send email notification to PGRO.


Annual Progress Review Process

A University-wide change has been implemented with immediate effect for all current full-time 2nd year PGR students. This new process is designed to help completion rates and to help students stay on track with their research.

This year there will be a more formalised version of Annual Monitoring, and students will have to submit to their supervisors:

(i) a piece of work (to be agreed with supervisors)

(ii) a timeline and plan for completion

(iii) a thesis plan (optional – only if the original title/subject of the thesis has considerably changed)

They should also complete their part of the Annual Progress Review form reviewing their progress. A supervision meeting should take place (one of the 10 or 5 supervisions to which the student is entitled) with both supervisors to discuss progress.

Supervisors then complete the second part of the Annual Progress Review form (commenting on progress, the status of ethical review, training, etc.), which should then be uploaded on the PDR. This process should be completed by June for students who began their studies in September/October (for later starters, within 8 months of the 2nd year), so that a subcommittee can consider the form for final approval in July. The subcommittee will look at the timeline plan for completion only.

After the sub-committee has met, PGRTs will feedback to their supervisors with the outcomes of the meeting. Supervisors in turn will take this feedback to their PGRs when they next meet for a supervision.


Training for New Supervisors

The University’s Graduate Board requires all research student supervisors to undertake training before acting in their new role (this applies to both those new to the role as well as those who are experienced in the role but new to Leeds).  As such, the Staff and Departmental Development Unit (SDDU) provides training for PGR supervisors to help them in offering excellent guidance and support and to deliver a postgraduate research experience that attracts the world’s best students.


Courses for those new to supervision: Effective research student supervision

Courses for experienced supervisors: Update for Experienced Supervisors


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